Paris. The Boulinier bookstore on Boulevard Saint-Michel will close its doors.

Paris. The Boulinier bookstore on Boulevard Saint-Michel will close its doors.

Boulinier, who specialises in second-hand books, is forced to close his bookshop at number 20, Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris.

The Boulinier bookshop, which specialises in second-hand books and which has been at number 20 since 1936, will close its doors in mid-June as its lease has not been renewed.

The end of an institution for students in the Latin Quarter and book lovers who could find books at a lower cost.

The book of our history is not finished,” explains the owners on the company’s Facebook page.It will continue to be written in our other stores with the great-great-grandchildren of the founder, barely thirty years old and already fully invested.This period of confinement has reminded us of the essential values of life and culture is obviously part of it. We are committed to continuing to make it accessible to all in real living spaces: our stores”.

The lease of 20 Boulevard Saint Michel has not been renewed; this store occupied by the company BOULINIER since 1938 will close in mid-June. Thanking you for your loyalty, for…

Created in 1845 rue des Mathurins, the “modern bookstore”, later to become the “Boulinier”, was opened in installed in 1858 at 19 boulevard Saint-Michel, at the time boulevard Sébastopol, in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

It is the great-grandfather of the current generation, Paul Boulinier, born in 1858, who in 1870 began working there and bought the wholesale and semi-wholesale business of illustrated publications from his employer when he retired in 1886.

The Boulinier adventure was launched, and the brand would later cross the Boulevard Saint-Michel to set up at number 20, followed by other openings in Paris and Seine-et-Marne, with bookshops reopening on 11 May.

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